Thursday, August 8, 2013

Recipes From Our Favorite Bloggers!

Brown Butter Blini with Pig Red Salami & Yogurt
Recipes from Anna at Tallgrass Kitchen

Muffaletta-esque Pig Red Salami Sandwich
Recipes from Anna at Tallgrass Kitchen


Antipasto Pasta Salad with Old School Salami
Recipe from Susan at The Little French Bakery

Old School Salami and Gruyere Cheese Gougères
Recipe from Susan at The Little French Bakery

Fin Oh Kee Oh Na Salami, Brussels Sprout, and Parmesan Galette
Recipe from Melanie at From Fast Food to Fresh Food


Fin Oh Kee Oh Na Salami & Asparagus filled Crepes with an Easy Orange Hollandaise Sauces
Recipe from Melanie at From Fast Food to Fresh Food

 Pitzotl Salami Stuffed Chicken Breast
Recipe from Lori and Paul at BURP! Where Food Happens.

Pitzotl Salami Stuffed Jalapenos
Recipe from Lori and Paul at BURP! Where Food Happens.

Pamplona Runner Salami Garganelli
Recipe from Rebecca at Cakewalk


Pamplona Runner Salami Shakshuka
Recipe from Rebecca at Cakewalk

RauchZwiebel Salami Pizza with Fennel, Onion, & Apples
Recipe from Molly at Peanut Butter & Dill Pickles

RauchZwiebel Salami on a Shingle
Recipe from Molly at Peanut Butter & Dill Pickles


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Thanks to  Certified Cicerone® (expert in selecting beers), Joan La Rosa for the following amazing beer pairings she came up with to go with our salamis at our Charcuterie School On-The-Go on Aug. 19th, 2012. 

"Pig Red and Patersbier- The Pig Red is unique by being a totally plain salami that showcases the fantastic quality of heirloom pork and the cultures of fermentation in the salami.  I decided to choose a beer that is created in much the same way: take something plain, and ferment it to deliciousness.  Patersbier is brewed with only Belgian Pilsner malt, light noble hopping, and a Belgian Trappist yeast strain.  Both the salami and the beer have spicy and fruity character from their fermenation.  Patersbier also has a high carbonation level and a dry finish, which helps to counteract the grease from Pig Red.

Fee Oh Kee Oh Na and Witbier-  A spiced pairing, I thought the fennel in the salami and the coriander  and bitter orange combo of the Witbier would create a nice potpourri of flavor.  Orange and fennel make a great combination in food, and made a great pairing in the Fee Oh Kee Oh Na and Witbier.  A lemon or orange garnish with the Witbier would bring this to the next level, or you could make it a triple pairing with tangerine or clementine slices for desert.

Pamplona Runner and Lakefront Fixed Gear American Red Ale-  Personally, I would recommend a racing bike to outrun bulls, but if you're gonna go down in Milwaukee style you might as well grab a Fixed Gear.  Pamplona Runner has a nice spice that increases in intensity, and I wanted to intensify that with hops.  An American IPA would overpower, and English IPA would over-flower, and a hoppy red ale has just the right amount of hops and a beautiful color for a great visual pairing.  You can brew your own Fixed Gear at home with the recipe straight from Lakefront with Northern Brewer's Pro Series kits.

Old School and The Number Eight- Bold flavors share the stage here in my final pairing.
The salami busts out pepper, garlic, and tang, while the Belgian Dark Strong Ale brings caramel, toffee, figs, and cherries to the party.  This dark and complex beer is the best beer I have ever made.  Dark Belgian candi sugar adds a thick molasses warmth and a Belgian Abbey yeast adds tons of fruit and spice character.  I kept this beer in secondary fermentation for a year before bottle conditioning it.  To die and go to salami-beer nirvana without a year of waiting you could get some Rochefort 8."
...Joan La Rosa

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Salami And Wine Pairings From Jaclyn Stewart of Vintage Elkhart Lake

Fun small group last weekend for the tasting at Vintage Elkhart Lake

Owner Jaclyn Steward (pictured here with an amazing wall of wine) came up with these pairings of wine to go with our salamis.

Don't forget - all of these wines and our salamis too are available right at this great little store.

Bolzano Pamplona Runner + Telmo Rodriguez "Dehasa Gago" Toro, Spain 2010
Bolzano Old School + LaMaiaLina "Gertrude" Toscana, Italy 2008
Bolzano Pig Red + Charles & Charles Rosé Columbia Valley, Washington 2011
Bolzano Fin Oh Kee Oh Na + Pruduttori Bolzano Gold Muskateller Alto Adige, Italy 2010

Thanks to Jaclyn and everyone who came!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Pairing from Salami, Beer & Cheese Night at Outpost Natural Foods

Pairings from Salami Beer & Cheese Night at Outpost Natural Foods

Thanks to my pals Carrie, Michelle, and Randy from Outpost Natural Foods for lending their respective marketing, cheesemongering, and beer pairing expertise for this tasting event from April 21st, 2012. Here's what we came up with

Bolzano Old School + Marieke Raw Milk Belegen Gouda + Lakefront Fixed Gear
Bolzano Pamplona Runner + Manchego Semi-Curado + New Glarus Fat Squirrel
Bolzano Fin Oh Kee Oh Na + Castle Rock Artisan Bleu + Delerium Tremens
Bolzano Pig Red + La Clare Farms Evalon + Estrella Daura

Pairing with Crave Brothers and wines from Ray's

 Pairing With Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese, Wines from Ray's Wine & Spirits At the Slow Food WISE fundraiser

These were the pairings that we came up with from the April 10th, 2012 tasting event at the tasting room at Ray's Wine and Spirits. Thanks to Alise from Crave Brothers and John Edwards from Ray's for doing this event with us.

Crave Brothers Petit Frere  + Bolzano Old School + La Maialina Gertrude
Crave Brothers Fresh Mozzarella Medillions + Bolzano Pamplona Runner + Luzon Verde Monastrell Jumilla
Crave Brothers Marinated Fresh Mozzarella + Bolzano Fin Oh Kee Oh Na + Yalumba Y-Series Shirz-Vognier
Crave Brothers Mascarpone + Bolzano Pig Red + St. Hilaire Blanquette de Limoux

Monday, April 2, 2012

Pairing from Schoolhouse Artisan Cheese

Pairings from lead cheesemonger (and Wisconsin certified cheese instructor!) at Schoolhouse Artisan Cheese, Peter Kordon

"We love the Bolzano Old School Salami, and one of our favorite pairings is to enjoy it with our Dunbarton Gold from Roelli Cheese in Shullsburg Wisconsin. Chris Roelli made this great cheese just for us using raw pasture fed cow’s milk. It’s an English style farmhouse cheddar with a touch of blue culture added to the milk just before the curd forms. He then cave-aged it for four months, and the result is unlike anything else you’ve tasted! It’s tangy flavor profile is the perfect compliment to the rich deep cured pork flavor of the Old School. Top that off with a Wisconsin craft beer, and you’ll never want to leave the state again!"

Schoolhouse Artisan Cheese has two locations - Ellisaon Bay and Egg Harbor, both in Door County, Wisconsin. Find out more at

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pairing With LaClare Farms

Here's the pairings we came up with of our salamis with the award winner goat milk cheeses from LaClare Farms. from our pairing event on 3/25/12 at Pastiche Wines. Not only does Katie Hedrich from LaClare made unbelievable cheeses, she is also articulate, fun, and gives a great presentation.

LaClare Evalon + Bolzano Pamplona Runner
LaClare Cheddar + Bolzano Fin Oh Kee Oh Na
LaClare Fondy Jack + Bolzano Pig Red
LaClare Chevre + Bolzano Old School
LaClare Evalon w/ Fenugreek + Bolzano FiggyPuddin